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American Ninja Warrior

The final episode of the qualifiers is over. Finishing up the five cities for qualifying was Denver. Some great athletes like Lorin Ball, Paul Kasemir, Lance Pekus, Brian Arnold and for me, the best of show, was Meagan Martin. Just 1 of 3 women to complete the warped wall and finish the course in the history of American Ninja Warrior.

Hope everyone is watching American Ninja Warrior because its a great show. I root for everyone, and that’s the great thing about this show, you want to root for everyone. Its not about someone being from your home town (even though you root them more), its not about someone playing for your favorite team. Its about the journey, seeing someone beat the challenges and making it to the top of Mount Midoriyama. If you missed any episodes of American Ninja Warrior check out NBC where you can watch all the episodes from season 6 online.

Top 30 Qualifying from American Ninja Warrior

Check out who made the top 30 from each of the five qualifying cities.

Venice Top 30 Qualifiers

1 David Campbell 1:55.45
2 James McGrath 1:57.08
3 Alan Connealy 2:07.23
4 Kevin Bull 2:28.18
5 Dustin Rocho 2:32.91
6 Thaddeus Robeck 2:43.66
7 Derek Nakamoto 2:58.52
8 Dan Mast 3:07.34
9 Alex Kane 3:19.31
10 Kyle Cochran 3:37.05
11 Travis Brewer 3:45.07
12 Robert Ing 4:11.96
13 Ben Melick 4:20.41
14 Evan Dollard 4:41.46
15 Dorian Cedars 4:51.90
16 Andres De La Rosa 5:16.14
17 James Sclar 5:29.34
18 Mario Mendoza 6:58.27
19 Vadym Kuvakin Monkey Pegs 2:20.02
20 Alexander Gines Monkey Pegs 5:07.12
21 Keita Kashiwagi Monkey Pegs 5:35.36
22 Brian Kretsch Jumping Bars 0:59.28
23 David Money Jumping Bars 1:08.90
24 Vadym Krasnenko Jumping Bars 1:30.19
25 Justin Taylor Jumping Bars 1:33.57
26 Danny Goler Jumping Bars 1:39.19
27 Paul Money Jumping Bars 1:46.12
28 Warren Li Jumping Bars 2:06.84
29 Brennan Mejia Jumping Bars 2:27.53
30 Quoc-Hoan Do Slack Line Ladder 1:10.48

Dallas Top 30 Qualifiers

1 Dillion Gates 1:31.19
2 Kevin Klein 1:33.42
3 Joshua Cook 1:41.10
4 Raymond Clausen 1:48.23
5 Jaret Salas 1:58.62
6 Tremayne Dortch 2:05.98
7 Seth Blaustein 2:11.43
8 Jordan Yordanov 2:13.50
9 Connor Moyer 2:23.37
10 David Gilbert 2:33.71
11 Nathan Jasso 2:43.25
12 Eric McKeethen 2:54.75
13 Sam Sann 3:03.51
14 Jimmy Bogle, JR. 3:04.34
15 Matthew Laessig 3:04.54
16 Johnathan Morin 3:06.03
17 Terry Cossey 3:15.38
18 Jo Jo Bynum 3:21.17
19 Abel Gonzalez, JR. 3:29.07
20 Karsten Williams 3:36.61
21 Kacy Cantanzaro 5:26.18
22 Jeremy Morgan Warped Wall 1:10.30
23 Brandon Pannell Warped Wall 1:34.77
24 Geoffrey Lancaster Warped Wall 1:40.11
25 Michael Solomon Warped Wall 1:43.08
26 Geoffrey Motil Warped Wall 2:02.10
27 Daniel Manuel Warped Wall 2:10.39
28 Joe Calderon Warped Wall 2:41.33
29 Engin Dolen Warped Wall 2:53.27
30 Joshua Stone Warped Wall 2:59.64

St. Louis Top 30 Qualifiers

1 Joe Moravsky 1:04.13
2 Aaron Himelright 1:27.19
3 Joseph Hyndman 1:32.68
4 Michael Needham 1:35.40
5 Elet Hall 1:37.05
6 Travis Rosen 1:39.55
7 Andrew Karsen 2:02.92
8 Jamie Rahn 2:04.61
9 Roland Seward 2:12.78
10 Dan Galiczynski 2:13.06
11 Adam Arnold 2:22.53
12 Rob Moravsky 2:24.80
13 Geoff Britten 2:25.71
14 Matthew Schumann 2:34.43
15 Brian Wilczewski 2:40.67
16 Chris Wilczewski 2:45.35
17 Brent Ruffin 2:47.99
18 Mitch Pajcic 2:55.20
19 Michelle Warnky 3:08.94
20 Andew Lowes 3:14.24
21 Leoniel Olanda 3:24.58
22 Tom McGregor 3:29.75
23 Dan Polizzi 3:30.72
24 David Cavanagh 3:58.66
25 Adam Mihm 4:02.71
26 Turkrong “TK” Klengdong Warped Wall 1:01.92
27 Timothy Dauenhauer Warped Wall 1:29.98
28 Raymond Butler Warped Wall 1:47.16
29 Brandon Willis Warped Wall 1:57.30
30 Mathew Harris Warped Wall 2:07.66

Miami Top 30 Qualifiers

1 Drew Drechsel 0:44.24
2 Jonathan Sharp Brown 0:51.11
3 Luciano Acuna, JR. 1:00.07
4 William Brown 1:03.03
5 John Vogt 1:13.20
6 Joseph Rosello 1:16.95
7 Idoko Abuh 1:19.24
8 Neil Craver 1:23.48
9 Miguel Castillo 1:23.65
10 Dustin Sanderson 1:25.05
11 Solomon Harvey 1:27.88
12 Brett Sims 1:28.50
13 Kenneth Niemitalo 1:32.02
14 Jared “JJ” Woods 1:34.15
15 Stephens Nunnally 1:34.83
16 Adam Orsini 1:35.27
17 Michael Eckert 1:40.39
18 Timothy Koren 1:40.72
19 Preston Griffall 1:48.05
20 Ryan Stratis 1:50.29
21 David Hunt 1:51.99
22 Kavon Sadler 1:52.84
23 Brandon Arrington 2:00.91
24 Adam Grossman 2:02.69
25 Gabriel Arnold 2:03.80
26 Reko Rivera 2:03.91
27 Binny Seth 2:07.45
28 Rich Thompson 2:09.88
29 Andy Friedman 2:11.32
30 Todd Bourgeois 2:11.92

Denver Top 30 Qualifiers

1 Lorin Ball 1:04.27
2 Paul Kasemir 1:09.04
3 Lance Pekus 1:20.06
4 Daniel Larson-Fine 1:26.11
5 Justin Kydd 1:29.97
6 David Schwartz 1:37.45
7 Kyle Sinacori 1:41.41
8 Christopher Romrell 1:46.72
9 Yancey Quezada 1:56.72
10 Robin Pietschmann 1:56.79
11 Isaac Caldiero 1:56.97
12 Karson Voiles 2:00.36
13 Matthew Wilder 2:01.23
14 Brian Arnold 2:32.86
15 Dan Entmacher 2:37.53
16 Yen Chen 2:43.53
17 David Bortz 2:58.25
18 Alex Manikowski 3:09.04
19 Dr. Noah Kaufman 3:26.30
20 Josh Newhouse 3:26.37
21 Ian Dory 3:35.48
22 Meagan Martin 4.46.29
23 Keith Peters Warped Wall 1:39.91
24 Phil Gavigan Warped Wall 1:56.59
25 Carl Fantauzzo, JR. Warped Wall 2:15.59
26 Jared Higginson Warped Wall 2:20.93
27 Jon Stewart Warped Wall 2:44.30
28 Joel Brady Warped Wall 3:08.18
29 Ronnie Shalvis, JR. Devil Steps 0:31.43
30 Austin Lutz Devil Steps 0:33.21

Show Favorites

There have been so many favorites on American Ninja Warrior because of the amazing talent this year. Many veterans of the show have qualified like David Campbell, Drew Drechsel, James McGrth, Joe Moravsky, Brian Arnold, Evan Dollard and many more. There has been some heartbreak though watching both Brent Steffensen and David “Flip” Rodriguez go out early in qualifying. Both amazing athletes that should have gone so much farther. We will be rooting for them next year.

The most memorable moments this year would have to be three women making it up the warped wall and completing the qualifying course. We have to give props to Kacy Catanzaro, Michelle Warnky and Meagan Martin. They have made history as being the first women on American Ninja Warrior to complete the qualifying course.

Whats Next?

Up next week on American Ninja Warrior is the first episode of the finals. Now 150 American Ninja Warriors will battle it out on the more difficult and longer finals courses to see who will take on Mount Midoriyama. Monday May 30th will be the first finals episode starting in Denver. Check out the schedule and more about American Ninja Warrior on NBC.

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Stressed Out

Next time you feel stress, take a break, exercise and eat a banana. Bananas are low calorie, low on the glycemic index, fill you up and has 30% of the RDA of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps to increase Serotonin. Exercise also helps to increase Serotonin. It’s a win win.

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Single Leg Deadlift

Simple but effective workout. Stand straight with your arms in front of you. Lift one leg and pull it straight back while leaning forward and holding your arms out in from of you. Not only is it a good workout but it helps you with your balance. If you add some dumbbells to the mix you can get a really great burn.

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Jim Steffen

Jim Steffen from Findlay, OH came out to American Ninja Warrior in St. Louis to raise awareness about CF Disease (Cystic Fibrosis). His daughter Mattie who is only 18 months has CF Disease. Running and jumping can help a lot to break up the mucus in their lungs and nose, so she plays and trains with daddy. What an inspiration to see a big guy at that age give it his all to raise awareness. To find out more about CF Disease, go to cff.org.

He made it through the quintuple steps, past the log roll (even did a burpee after), through the bridge of blades, made it through the swinging rope and past the first set of the double tilt ladders. An awesome run.


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Warrior Walking

Everyone wants to look and feel like a warrior. The biggest problem is that the transformation to a warriors body seems like a lot of work. What most people don’t realize is that making small adjustments to how they get around or just making a game out your daily routine can be the first step in your transformation. The best part is that it can be a lot of fun too. The key is to not be shy. If you getting healthier and happier then cares what other people think.

Lunge Walk

Lets start with a lunge walk. It is really easy, can be done anywhere.

Quadrupedal Movement or QM for short

Ever get down on all fours and play like your an animal when you were a kid. Very similar but easier on the knees and a great workout.

Broad Jump

Broad jumping is a great exercise, can be done anywhere and in general is a lot of fun. Make it fun (I bet I can just from this parking line to that one. Then a little farther. Maybe from the sidewalk to that rock or anything to challenge yourself.) After a while everywhere you go you will see a new challenge and will find yourself doing it.

QM Backwards

Remember when you where a kid and you would tell a friend, bet you can’t do this and then they would do it. The next step was always “Bet you can’t do it backwards”. You always have to try it cause everything is more fun backwards. May not be able to do this one anywhere but just about.

The Final Stretch

Always finish up with a good stretch. See Even Warriors Stretch it Out for more info on stretching.

The Finish Line

Of course this is work and not always easy but remember that it can be a heck of a lot of fun, especially if you do it will friends or family. And its a sure bet that as long as you keep a good attitude, your friends or family are going to join in and its a great way to start Moving Like a Warrior.